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Justin has been supporting production companies & networks for over a decade and has produced some of the largest shows on television.  Being highly creative with a thorough understanding of logistics and the entire production process has given Sena the ability to become a versatile producer and proven asset to productions.

From international photo shoot producer to producing infomercials and branded content, Justin has produced everything from 'The Amazing Race' and 'America's Next Top Model' to this website.


FAA Certified Drone Pilot   |   PART 107 Drone License   |   Professional Drone Gear

Commercial Aerial Photography & Cinematography for Film, TV, Brands, Commercials, B-Roll, Real Estate, Events, & More.

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Drone Wildlife Photography
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Drone Aerial Car Tracking
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Real Estate Drone Videos
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Real Estate Drone Photography


Select an image for manufacturer specs & more information.  Rentals available as needed and/or upon request. 

Zenmuse X5S & Lens Options
two person drone operation dji inspire 2 remote controllers
Two DJI Inspire 2 Remote Controllers for 2 Person Operation
DJI Goggles
DJI Mavic Pro

Visual Observer

Most professional drone applications call for a 2nd or 3rd member.    Since the drone pilot is legally required to remain in visual site of the drone, a Visual Observer may be required. 

Dual Operator

Please note that most tracking shots and general aerial cinematography calls for 2 person drone operation, one to pilot the drone and the other to operate the camera gimbal.  My kit includes a 2nd remote for 2-person drone operation, as well as the DJI goggles, which can be used as a monitor or used to operate the camera gimbal when the optional head-tracking is enabled.

Aerial Photography & Cinematography

Available For Drone Services As Crew or Vendor through, Derivative Media.


location scout scouting hawaii
Location Scouting Big Island, HI

Location Scout

Dedicated location scout services for photo shoots, film, & tv.  A proven production hybrid with a thorough understanding of creative & logistics, Justin has been Traveling the globe for more than a decade as producer & production manager for some of the most popular shows on television.



Helping businesses & startups improve their online presence with full web development, SEO, and digital marketing from building professional WordPress, Shopify, & E-Commerce websites to Search Engine Optimization, Fulfillment By Amazon setup, facebook ads, google ad campaigns, & product photography. 

Have questions?  Contact me for more information.

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